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The Book Of Daniel


For some readers of the Bible, the Book of Daniel only portrays God’s believing people as they trust their God through a fiery furnace or a long, dark night in a room with the lions. Beyond that, this book contains essential accounts of the faith of men whose lives were in the center of God’s prophetic panorama of world history through the end times.

Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were young, Jewish men who were kidnapped, swept away as plunder from their devastated homeland. They were selected to be educated and acculturated into the Babylonian kingdom. Through explicit details of real life events, visions and interpretations, God reveals to us His plans for all people, kings and nations. Daniel was God’s servant in the courts of four kings. Privately he recorded his encounters with God’s messengers.

Through Daniel, God sets the prophetic stage for the latter days and for all people who know their God.

Dunkard Brethren | Bible School | Christology



JESUS! No other name has evoked such feelings of love or intensity of hatred. He is the answer for the world, yet who He is, raises many questions. Who is this Jesus that rules the universe, yet walked the earth as a man? How could He be fully God and fully man? What was Jesus doing before His birth? Where is Jesus in the Old Testament? How do we know that Jesus is who He says He is? How do we really know that He rose from the dead? Was Jesus really the only way that God could accomplish His plan of redemption? Can we prove that Jesus is God?

Who is He to you? How will you answer the most important question of eternity, “What think ye of Christ?” Matthew 22:42

Join us as we dive into a comprehensive study of Jesus!

Dunkard Brethren | Bible School | Relationships

A Biblical Approach to
Healthy Emotions and Relationships


The magnitude of the brokenness in human relationships is sometimes staggering. Even among Christians, relationships are often either strained or broken. Many marriages are in trouble. Extended families lose their closeness. Church members no longer trust their leadership. Friendships are strained. Personal struggles with anxiety and depression strain relationships.

Human relationship and connection is a fundamental need of all people. God created us to emotionally desire and seek relationship. In our desire and attempts to heal and strengthen human relationships, we must first recognize that our connection to each other is not our greatest need. Our greatest need is a heart restored to a healthy relationship with God. Attempts to restore broken human relationships are compromised in the absence of a healthy relationship with God.

The purpose of this course is to examine how God, through the Bible, guides us into healthy emotions and satisfying relationships.

Dunkard Brethren | Bible School | Chorus



The lyrics and the harmonic relationships of music are the heartbeat of the DBBS “Chorus” class.  The endgame of this class is to represent the Bible School in a choral presentation on Saturday evening as the capstone of the week.

In the daily afternoon class, the students will be introduced to new and old songs or hymns in choral arrangements. Practice in choral harmony is central but it is also an opportunity to explore music theory, worship singing, lyrical theology, and possibly, the  creation of new worship songs by the inspired student.

All students will experience the sounds of believers singing unto God!

Be sure to join us Saturday, January 7, 2023 for our Chorus Program at 6 PM.