Bible School is a retreat time to set aside some days to devote yourself to intense study of the Bible and its effect in your life.

Register for the Dunkard Brethren Bible School by downloading the Bible School Registration Application and completing the registration process.

Learn more about the Dunkard Brethren core beliefs by visiting the What We Believe section.

Classes are Monday - Friday beginning with an 8:15 AM devotional followed by the courses. Lunch and dinner are served at the school. After supper, students are typically at school doing their homework until around 8 PM. After that, the students go back to their host family.

There are times when small group discussions or projects are part of a course.

Yes, it’s like a summer youth retreat but in January! That does mean that it is all indoors. It also is more academically focused with courses about the Bible and your life in Christ. There is typically homework that includes reading and writing assignments. Is there an age requirement? Yes, the minimum age is 17.

You will be contacted by a host family with that information sometime in the last weeks leading up to Bible School. Your host family will connect with you after the Sunday evening service at the beginning of Bible School week.

Please make a note on your registration and also make it known to your host family to make sure that all are informed!

There are prayer times throughout the day but they are not long scheduled times.

No, but there is a Certificate of Completion given to each student.

Yes! All exterior doors are wheelchair accessible. Also to navigate the two floors there is a lift chair on the back stairway.

You are welcome to drive your own vehicle. If you don’t have one, another student or teacher will take you.

Yes! Everyone’s voice is blended together in praising God!

The primary focus of Bible School is at the academic level and not one of play. However, Wednesday evening there will be volleyball at a local gymnasium and also game play on Friday after classes have concluded.

There are several empty classrooms in the basement and also a balcony that might be free of distraction.You also are welcome to return to your host family’s house after class has concluded if you still need a different space.

It is currently held at Berean Dunkard Brethren Church in Peru, IN. Although there are extra curricular things to do in the area, Bible School is mainly a week of dedicated time for immersing yourself in God’s Word. Due to that, it is encouraged that you focus on your studies and participating in activities with the whole student body.