Dunkard Brethren Church
Beloved, ... earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. 
Jude 1:3

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Our Beliefs
Be it known unto all men:
That there is a people who, as little children LUKE 18:17 , 
accept the Word of the New Testament as a message from heaven, HEB 1:1,2 
and teach it in full 2 TIM 4:1 , MAT 28:20 

They baptize believers by trine immersion MAT 28:19 ,
with a forward action ROM 6:5 
for the remission of sins ACTS 2:38 ,
 and lay hands on those baptized, asking upon them the gift of God's Spirit ACT 19:5,6 

They follow the command and example of washing one another's feet JOHN 13;14,17 They take the Lords' Supper at night JOHN 13:30 
at one and the same time, tarrying one for another 1 COR 11:33,34 

They take the communion at night, after supper, as did the Lord LUKE 22:19,20 

They greet one another with a holy kiss ACT 20:37 ; ROM 16:16 ; 1 PET 5:14 

They anoint and lay hands on the sick JAMES 5:14,15 ; MAR 6:13 

They teach all the doctrines of Christ, peace HEB 12:14 , love 1 COR 13:1 , 
unity EPH 4 , both faith and works JAMES 2:17,20 .
Sisters, cover, and brethren, uncover their heads in worship 1 CO 11:3, 10 . 

They labor for nonconformity to the world in its vain and wicked customs
ROM 12:2 ; 1 TI 2: 9,10 ; 1 PE 3:3,5. 

They refrain from going to law 1 CO 6:1,8. 

Musical instruments are not used in worship EPH 5:19 ; COL 3:16 ; AMOS 6:5 . 

They advocate nonswearing MAT 5:34,37 ,
and anti-secretism 2 CO 6:14,17 ; MAT 24:26 , opposition to war JOHN 18:36 ,
doing good unto all men MAT 5:44,46 

Dear reader, for the above we contend earnestly, and you are entreated to hear and accept it as the word and the faith once delivered to the saints 
JUDE 1:3 . 

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